Andy Milonakis: who is he?

An American comedian, actor, rapper, and internet sensation, Andy Milonakis. His work on The Andy Milonakis Show, a sketch comedy series that aired on MTV and MTV2 from 2005 to 2007, is what made him most famous.

Andy Milonakis Quick Biography

Celebrity Name: Andy milonakis
Celebrity real name Andrew Michael Milonakis
Celebrity gender Male
Celebrity date of birth 30 January 1976
Celebrity place of birth  Katonah, New York, United States
Celebrity Nationality: American
Celebrity Sexual Orientation: Straight
Celebrity Marital Status: single
Celebrity Spouse Non
Celebrity Children Non
Celebrity Profession: Comedian and actor
Andy milonakis Wealth $3 Million

Does Andy Milonakis have a wife? Relationship, dating, liaison, girlfriend, spouse, and kids

Like most famous people, Andy Milonakis makes an effort to keep his love and personal life private. He previously had at least one relationship. Andy Milonakis has never been married and has never had a child.

Andy Milonakis wealth, earnings, and salary

Andy Milonakis makes an annual salary of at least $200,000. The majority of Andy Milonakis’ current income comes from live streaming, however his estimated net worth of $3 million includes both his music and TV and movie roles. In 2018, he also started presenting a cooking program on VICE.

Social media profiles for Andy Milonakis include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

According to Instagram data, Andy Milonakis (@andymilonakis) has 462K followers and a 1.25 percent interaction rate. Milonakis has more than 533,000 YouTube subscribers.