Ashton Kutcher, who is he?

American actor, producer, businessman, and former model Ashton Kutcher is a producer, actor, and producer. He has been nominated for two Young Artist Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the Critics’ Choice Movie Award, and many other awards. He also won the People’s Choice Award.

Ashton Kutcher Quick Biography

Celebrity Name: Ashton Kutcher
Celebrity real name Christopher Ashton Kutcher
Celebrity gender Male
Celebrity date of birth 7 February 1978
Celebrity place of birth  Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Celebrity Nationality: American
Celebrity Sexual Orientation: Straight
Celebrity Marital Status: Married
Celebrity Spouse Mila Kunis , Demi Moore
Celebrity Children Wyatt Isabelle ,  Dimitri Portwood
Celebrity Profession: Actor
Ashton Kutcher Wealth $200 million

Is Ashton Kutcher a husband or a wife? Relationship, dating, liaison, girlfriend, spouse, and kids

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been wed for six years. After getting hitched, they wed in 2015. But their romance began on that ’70s TV Show more than 20 years ago. They have two firstborn children, Wyatt, age 7, and Dimitri, age 5. From 2003 through 2011, Demi Moore was in a relationship with Ashton Kutcher. Despite Moore’s best efforts to keep their marriage together, they separated in 2013.

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth and Salary

Ashton Kutcher’s net worth is expected to reach an astounding $200 million by the year 2023. His earnings from the TV series he appears in can reach $800,000.00 every episode. In 2010, Kutcher and Guy Oseary co-founded the venture capital firm A-Grade Investments. The fund, which invested in businesses like Uber (Skype, Airbnb), Spotify (among others), was worth $30 million after 6 years.

Social media accounts for Ashton Kutcher include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Ashton Kutcher has 17201,204 followers on Twitter. He also has the most followers on Twitter (more than a million). The account has about 4.8M followers and a 3.60 percent engagement rate, per Instagram statistics. Adam Sandler, a Hollywood actor, has 31.1K YouTube subscribers.