Ben Carson

Ben Carson, who is he?

Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and baby snob, was the 17th Secretary of Housing and Urban Improvement for the United States from 2017 to 2021. He was a pioneer in the field of neurosurgery and entered the 2016 Republican presidential primary as a contender.

Ben Carson Quick Biography

Celebrity Name: Ben Carson
Celebrity real name Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.
Celebrity gender Male
Celebrity date of birth 18 September 1951
Celebrity place of birth Detroit, Michigan, United States
Celebrity Nationality: American
Celebrity Sexual Orientation: Straight
Celebrity Marital Status: Married
Celebrity Spouse Candy Carson
Celebrity Children Three
Celebrity Profession: Neurosurgeon
Ben Carson Wealth $30 million

Ben Carson: Is He Married? dating, liaison, liaison, female friend, spouse, children

Despite coming from different parts of Detroit, the Carson married for forty years after meeting at Yale University. Murray Carson, Rhoeyce Carson, and Ben Carson Jr. are his three children.

Ben Carson’s earnings and net worth

Ben Carson’s net worth is $30 million as of 2022. Between January 2014 and May 3, 2015, when he announced his presidential campaign, Carson and his spouse declared earnings of between $8.9 million and $27 million according to financial disclosure regulations.

Carson Ben Social media includes sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ben Carson’s Instagram account has 498k followers, 5 following, and 508 posts.

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