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Casey Neistat: Who is he?

United States-based YouTuber Casey Neistat is a cofounder of Beme, a multimedia startup that CNN later purchased, as well as a filmmaker, YouTuber, and vlogger. He founded the online creative community 368, which enables creators to exchange ideas.

Casey neistat Quick Biography

Celebrity Name: Casey Neistat
Celebrity real name Casey Owen Neistat
Celebrity gender Male
Celebrity date of birth 25 March 1981
Celebrity place of birth Gales Ferry, Ledyard, Connecticut, U.S
Celebrity Nationality: American
Celebrity Sexual Orientation: straight
Celebrity Marital Status: Married
Celebrity Spouse Candice Pool
Celebrity Children Francine ,Georgie and Owens
Celebrity Profession: YouTuber,vlooger and Filmmaker
Casey Neistat Wealth $16 Million

Does Casey Neistat have a wife? Relationship, dating, liaison, girlfriend, spouse, and kids

Neistat wed Pool on December 29, 2013, in a Jewish ceremony in Cape Town. Their marriage disintegrated after a month, and they have two children together, Francine (and Georgie). When his then-girlfriend Robin Harris gave birth to Owen, Casey Neistat was 17 years old.

Casey Neistat wealth, earnings, and salary

The estimated value of Casey Neistat’s net worth as of September 20, 2022 is $16 million. For a YouTube star, that is a really astounding and high amount. Due to the millions of views Casey’s videos garner, Casey neistat YouTube channel is where the majority of his money comes from.

Social media profiles for Casey Neistat include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

According to Casey neistat Instagram following data, there are 3.1 million followers and a 5.2 percent engagement rate. 928K people have accounts with him on Facebook.

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