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Chief Keef, who is he?

An American rapper and vocalist, Chief Keef. In the early 2010s, youths from Chicago’s South Side started to listen to a lot of his music.

Chief keef Quick Biography

Celebrity Name: Chief  keef
Celebrity real name Keith Farrelle Cozart
Celebrity gender Male
Celebrity date of birth 15 August 1995
Celebrity place of birth  Chicago, Illinois, United States
Celebrity Nationality: American
Celebrity Sexual Orientation: Straight
Celebrity Marital Status: Single
Celebrity Spouse Pretty Mesha
Celebrity Children Nine
Celebrity Profession: Rapper
chief keef Wealth $1 Million

Does Chief Keef have a wife? Relationship, dating, liaison, girlfriend, spouse, and kids

The rapper, composer, record executive, and songwriter has six kids, but he splits them among three different mothers. He has never been married, though. Hip-hop mogul Porter has never been wed, and they have been apart for a long time. She’s his love, he says.

Keef chief Wealth, income, and salary

American rapper Chief Keef has a fortune of more than $1 million. Chief Keef earned a consistent $40k to $85k every show. He also earns money through his YouTube channel. His records are another way he makes money. “I Don’t Like,” his biggest hit, was sold 50,000 times.

Social media pages for Chief Keef include Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

On his Facebook page, Chief Keef has 2.5M followers* 2 and is a fan. According to data from Chief Keef’s Instagram account, there are 7.7 million Instagram followers with a 5.15 percent engagement rate and 11.3 thousand TikTok subscribers. This honor has been held by the channel for more than two years.

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