Drake, who is he?

Rapper Drake is from Canada. He is an actor and vocalist as well. Canadian rapper, singer, and actor Drake.

Drake Quick Biography

Celebrity Name: Drake
Celebrity real name Aubrey Drake Graham
Celebrity gender Male
Celebrity date of birth October 24, 1986
Celebrity place of birth Toronto, Canada
Celebrity Nationality: American ,Canadian
Celebrity Sexual Orientation: straight
Celebrity Marital Status: Unmarried
Celebrity Spouse Sophie Brussaux
Celebrity Children Adonis Graham
Celebrity Profession: Musician
Drake Wealth  $250 million dollars.

Drake: Is He Divorced? Relationship, dating, liaison, girlfriend, spouse, and kids

Drake isn’t married, but he and Sophie Brussaux have a son. He is presently seeing Johanna Leia.

Drakes’s income, wealth, and salary

In 2022, Drake’s net worth is projected to be $250 million. This includes an annual compensation of over $70 million. The majority of his net wealth is derived from the sales of his popular songs and albums.

Drake’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts

Drake has 53 million Facebook fans and 40 million Instagram followers. Drake has 39.5 million followers on Twitter and 26,500,000 subscribers on YouTube

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